Hummingbird Institution Awards 2022

The Hummingbird Institutions Awards by T.M.E seeks to recognize these institutions and provide a platform for them to network and make their work known to the world. It seeks to awards them with seedlings, seedballs and all necessary support for them to continue with the good work.
October 3, 2022 12:10 to November 10, 2022 18:11
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Contestants Hummingbird Institution Awards 2022


Saveeachlife CBO

Saveeachlife CBO is a youth lead community based organisation based in Mombasa County, at the Island sub County. We deal on marine ecosystem restoration and conservation projects. We also get involvement in humanitarian projects such as children orphanages and home visits as a role to give back to our immediate community. We partner with different stakeholders in mangrove restoration programs in miritini at the ngaara site as well as in tudor creek. We have been participating on beach clean ups to name a few as Nyali beach , collecting, sorting and weighing the waste and disposing it eco friendly.


Green Economy For Kenya ( GEFOK )

Green Economy For Kenya ( GEFOK ) is a charitable organisation that is dully registered with the ministry of Labour and Social Protection state department for social protection Department of Social Justice . We mainly focus on environmental Management and conservation. We do sports for nature where by we apply a concept know as goals for trees. We run to create environmental awareness to enable our society members get to know the importance of nature.The concept is known as Kenya Conservation and Peace run. We do advocate for proper waste management by creating awareness on plastic pollution. We also seek to educate the young people who are part of our initiative as we all know that education is Key and an educated society is one that is empowered. We believe that we are true champions of nature .


Wachafu Family

Our purpose provide high quality appropriate support to the needy and enable every individual especially the youths to be active members of the community.


Vihiga bamboo farmers

Our focus is to sensatise the surrounding communities about the global warming and climate change effects and how we can mitigate. The importance of respecting and preserving the raperian lands. Use of number one priority bamboo since bamboo is a perennial plant.


Beyond The Trails Kenya

Beyond the Trails Kenya is a youth led environmental organization whose focus is to contribute to the achievement of the three Sustainable Development Goals 13, 14 and 15 through conservation activities and events like tree planting, cleanups , climate literacy and capturing of eye catching photos of the wonders of nature. Our main objective is to promote conservation of flora and fauna through climate action, travel and photography


Global Climate Change and Health Association Of Kenya

GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE AND HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF KENYA Global climate change and health association of Kenya is an association formed in September,2021. The association was formed by like-minded individuals after a high-level meeting with the ministry of environment, AMREF and KCIC (Kenya Climate Innovation Centre) prompted the thoughts of the ravage that climate change has caused especially to our nation. Most importantly, the loss of forest cover has been rampant and has led to land degradation and unsustainable agriculture, and environmental pollution in dust that results to human and animal respiratory related diseases. To note that our country is more prone to hunger and famine in this decade sheds shivers all over. The inconsistent rainfall experienced last year left poor harvest and massive importation of food produce.Is there a future without forest cover? The need to restore forest cover was reinstated by the President of Kenya during the COP 26, where he made a commitment to end deforestation by the year 2030. Inkeeping up with the NATIONALLY DETERMINED CONTRIBUTIONS and in support of livelihood that depends on subsistence agriculture for their lives, Global health and climate change association of Kenya is seeking to team up with a team key player, stakeholders, civil society organizations, collaborators, influencers and even facilitators to deliver their core mission. By teaming up with GCC&HAK, our collaborators derive a competitive advantage in positioning their brand in our social media and events coverage. By doing so, we make the CSR policies of our collaborators achieve multitargets both in business, corporate image and corporate governance. At GCC&HAK, we go AN EXTRA MILE TOWARDS LASTING AND MUTUAL COLLABORATION.


Phanicey Charitable FOUNDATION

Phanicey Foundation is committed to improving the lives of people particularly youth, women, and community at large in social, economic, cultural, environment and spiritual matters by creating an enabling environment for the community participation in development initiatives. Our main key objectives To practically strength,capacity in…  Information on environmental awareness,advocacy & camp; capacity building.  Environmental conservation empowerment in Likuyani society.  Partnerships in development with other like minded agencies as per SDGs 17 to beautify the streets.  Offer Environmental entrepreneurship skills through community based organizations. Phanicey Foundation are planning 5000 tree growing project along Soy-Turbo Road in Likuyani ward, constituency and involving community stakeholders, 10 primary schools,3 secondary schools, 3 dispensaries, administration, and governmental institutions such as KEFRI, KFS and Kenya rural roads authority. The Greening Kenya tree growing is a project of 2 years. During the tree growing and Greening Kenya fair period the following will be brought on board  Over 200 families (professionals) will be targeted and sensitized on environmental Sustainability and conservation, awareness on the value of couples and families with environment.  Conversation session and presentation on the gift families and a couple tree and relation of environmental sustainability gender and Love.  Families Tree Growing for Love, peace, and Unity, for Greening Kenya-Leave No one Behind.


RAIRmovement environmental organization

RAIRmovement is an environmental organization that started from a passion to shift the perception of waste management on the masses. We believe that ignorance to conserving the environment is the root cause of environmental negligence. We believe that if the masses are educated on the importance of recycling, planting trees and proper disposal of waste then it will have a ripple effect on how businesses, organizations and the community run their activities


Africa Nazarene University

The organization environmental focus is basically protect the wildlife and environment where by we carry out events and activities that promote conservation of wildlife and environment. We believe that the greatest aspect of environmental conservation is everyone especially youths coming together to foster in innovation, education and engage towards a more sustainable environment. As an organization, we are committed to the conservation of resources and the preservation of the ecosystems, we do carry out cleanup activities and planting trees in partnership with KIUESA and other organizations. As wildlife and environment club we hold some events that helps create awareness not only inside but also outside the school on the need of protecting and conserving our environment and how to involve ourselves in protect the environment. One of the events held is tree planting, tree adoption, green week which offers opportunity to share environmental success stories and opportunities, cleanup etc.


Kalanyo Youth Development Program

An organization’s environment is a major consideration. The environment is the source of resources that the organizations needs. It provides opportunities and threats, and it influences the various strategic decisions that executives must make. Kalanyo Youth Development Program works majorly on tree planting and green cover. Promotes environmental advocacy. This is done school and community outreaches. The organization alsoEncourages collaborative approaches and crosscutting solutions to environmental challenges by acting as a catalyst, facilitator, and mediator in cooperation with individuals, industry, and local government. Dedicated to providing a vision of an environmentally sustainable economy — an eco-economy — as well as a roadmap of how to get from here to there.



1. We use organic chillies. By organic, I mean only natural based and naturally occuring types of chillies, and not the GMO species that are very many and readily available. This ensures premium taste but also, premium nutrition. We humans are part of the environment, and eating natural foods is the only way to truly sustain our bodies. Anything else is harmful. And this is a fact. 2. Process. We use natural methods of preservation. Traditional and time proven methods that do not deplete or use unnecessary energy methods. Sun drying (as opposed to using electric dehydrators), as we are based in hot ukambani. Wind drying too. These help to lock in the energies of the elements, which help sustain humans. Smoking is also a preservation method we use. For flavour and for sustainability. 3. Packaging. We use glass jars. From the very beginning, Mdalasini Relishes packages in glass jars. Not only does it look better than plastic, they are also reusable. Our glass jars provide post utility for our customers as they can repurpose the empties for other uses like mason jars, salt jars, spice jars etc. We also offer a 5 percent discount upon a new purchase on any jars returned. Many of our customers are return clients so this works well for them. We also offer to buy back any other jars they may have, thus taking away the headache of disposal for them. Cleaning, sterilising and reusing glass jars is doable. Someting that is close to impossible with plastic, as sterilisation requires high temperatures that may deform and deface plastic jars. 4. No Pesticide. Chilli is a natural pesticide. Combined with other natural ingredients, chillies keep aphids amd other dudus away that slow growth. We use our chillies to put back in the shamba as pesticide thus ensuring the plants are chemical free and the air is also spray free. Not only do these measures enure premium taste of our product, but they go a long way into reducing our carbon foot print.

Nderem Farm company

Our organization is based on improving the life of all living and non-living things, we have a group for 10 members each for rearing hens that we supply eggs to the community, secondly we have groups of seedlings and all indigenous trees such as lamayat kuriot alawaat etc other seedlings Cypress seedlings Gravelia seedlings and more so cash crops seedlings such as coffee seedlings. Our mission is to be the leading Destination for Farm products seedlings in Kenya and beyond. Our vision is, To see the world accord agriculture the seriousness it deserves and evironmental conservation. Our Moto: Discipline and Time Consciousness.


Jumbo Charge

Jumbo Charge is a Non-Profit Community Based Organization dedicated to bringing about positive environmental change and conservation of Mt. Elgon Water Tower by leveraging motorsport; a cause we have been true to since the year 2019. According to the Kenya Water Towers Policy document: Policy-30-42019_2, the Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) data paints a grim picture for the wellness of Mt Elgon ecosystem. In the publication, there has been a 23% increase in human encroachment between the year 2000 and 2016 and the pressure on forest resources seems to grow every year, leading to considerable levels of forest disturbance and degradation, which have significantly affected the floristic and structural composition and water catchment functions of the forest ecosystem. Rainfall in areas surrounding the mountain is reported to have reduced over the years due to reduced relief rain from Mt. Elgon. Equally, the volume of rivers originating from the mountain has witnessed a dramatic reduction, due to diminishing water flow from Mt. Elgon. Cumulatively, these weather and climate changes pose a major threat to socio-economic activities in Western Kenya and parts of Rift Valley especially with regards to water supply for domestic use and agricultural activities. As a mitigation to this ecological disruption, Jumbo Charge aims at reversing the ill effects of the destruction of this important watershed through: 1. Enhancing community tree planting campaigns through organizing and strengthening tree planting events, including organizing the annual Jumbo Charge 4X4 Challenge, Half Marathon and public education, awareness, sensitization. 2. Create a sustainable volunteer stewardship program for ongoing restoration and care of reclaimed areas. 3. Implement an Environmental Education and outreach program with partners and the public to educate and engage the community and schools in stewardship projects and encourage public participation for sustainability. Our innovative approach that fuses sports and conservation places Jumbo Charge in a unique position to achieve faster and quicker wins, as compared to the usual NGOs approach. However, as we grow in stature so is the demand for us to reach out to more friends, partners, and supporters to enable us to undertake this daunting, albeit critical task. The organization has hitherto relied mainly on the members own resources and contributions from well-wishers.


Kibwezi Center for Sustainability

Kibwezi Center for Sustainability (KCS) is a registered NGO whose main agenda is environmental conservation, preservation and restoration of degraded ecosystems through, tree planting, seedballs broadcasting (throw and grow) of indigenous trees and grass seeds, community cleanup programmes, spot fencing of water catchment areas, and creating awareness, garbage collection, proper waste disposal, provision of dustbins, gloves and sensitization on pollution control. KCS recognizes the risks, hazards and uncertainties associated with climate change and advocates for quick climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. KCS has so far broadcasted and planted over TWO million trees and collected over 20 tons of garbage and empowered over 300,000 community members.


Youths for Green Action Kenya

Youths for Green Action Kenya is a registered Non-Governmental Organization under Section 10 of the NGOs Co-ordination Board. The organization’s objective is to promote conservation and sustainable use of environment in Kenya. This move is to further Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) no.15 which seeks to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reserve land degradation and halt biodiversity loss as we gear towards Vision 2030. The organization achieves its objective of environmental conservation by engaging in programs, projects and or activities that create awareness, educate and execute by planting trees within different counties. YGAK aims at building capacity of the communities to promote their resilience on environmental conservation as the basic unit of development.


Mount Kenya University Environmental Club

Mount Kenya University Environmental Club is a group of concerned students, that are committed to raising awareness about environmental issues and to reducing environmental impact as individuals, a school community, and as citizens of the world. MISSION We're committed to working locally to improve the social, economical and environmental well being of our community.


Aluora makare CBO

Aluora makare is a Community Based Organization in Wang’chieng’ Ward, Kobala Sub location,Rachonyo North, Homa bay County with the name meaning IDEAL ENVIROMENT in Luo dialect.It’s a Registered Entity with the Ministry of Social and Gender Affairs on 27th May, 2017.A.M.C.B.O is a local initiative with the mandate to begin a transition by improving the quality of the Environment,Socially,Economically and Environmentally within the communities through spearheading effective Mobilization, Capacity building, Sensitization,Effective Advocacy and Implementation of Healthy Measures through Adaptation and Mitigation. Vision: A Healthy Citizens and Safe Environment Broad objective:To achieve an ‘’IDEAL ENVIROMENT’’ and uplift the Living Standards of the people, Socially, Environmentally and economically by creating a Healthy coexistence between the two. Mission: To increase High levels of Environmental Conservation and Protection through effective adaptation and Mitigation measures to improved Living Standards of the Communities and the Environment


Green World Club

This is a school based organization Club situated in Homabay, Tom mboya University in particular it deals with the Current climatic Change activities and the use of the Homabay Blue Economy to Come up with the best solution for the rise in Climate Crisis, it's mainly a student based organization without any external source of funds not unless from well wishers, with the help of little contributions from students we have managed to conduct several activities Ie planting 200 seedlings in one of the Childrens home around homabay and also 50 fruit seedlings as way of encouraging growing trees for economical health and boosting the Economy as well. Looking forward to receiving any grants from you, feel free to conduct any of the aforementioned Persons.


Rachuonyo Environmental Conservation Initiatives

Integrated climate protection and resource conservation through production and installation of improved cookstoves, nature conservancy through farmer managed natural regeneration as ways of combatting climate change.


Kamukunji Environment Conservation Champions

KECCCBO focuses on reclamation, rehabilitation, conservation and beautification of green public spaces in the neighborhood and also tree planting in local primary schools in Kamukunji constituency Nairobi county. We have been currently working on Kamukunji park which is a park within a slum since November 2020. The park had been neglected by the relevant authorities and so becoming inaccessible by the community due to the unfriendly nature which was being brought by the criminal activities which was taking place there.There activities included rape, theft,drug trafficking and usage, prostitution and to to some extent murders. Some sections of the park had also been turned into dumping sites by the community. But we are thankful because we have done a tremendous job as you can see in our Tweeter handle which is @kecccbo and this has made aour park accessible to all people in our community.


HULCare Foundation-kenya

The organization is a non profit society, that aims to improve the sustainability and peaceful coexistence between man and environment. It aims to promote , environmental conservation and protection through, tree planting, solid waste management, this is achieved through, environmental education, awareness workshops, field campaigns, promotion of research, clean ups, and other activities. The club also aims at improving the incorporation of indigenous knowledge into consideration and environmental protection, with keen interests on culture-based solutions to environmental problems, through promotion of societal and community participation and youth and teenagers involvement in decision making and conservation activities.


The Horizon YOUTH Group

To mitigate the effect caused by the climate change by planting of trees to increase the forest cover.


Borabu Energy Solutions

I decided to ran the project of energy saving jikos/solar energy,to save our environment from cutting trees. Since the trees are cut we get the shortage of rain which leads to deaths of people and animals . This made me to introduce the project to save our trees and we cannot be able to get herbal medicines due to lack of rain . Trees also helps us clean air.


Aumas'Social Impact Project

The aim of the project is to sell particular Aumas' merchandise of which some of the proceeds will go into a kitty for taking kids from underprivileged background for tours at least to expose them to the best things the world has to offer to help them be more motivated to make it in life. Our charity mission is to Empower communities through sustainable travel and realization of the SDGs, we’re very excited to involve our community in our latest fundraising efforts. With these funds, our organization will be able to bridge socio-economic disadvantage known to predict both social-emotional difficulties and poor academic attainment (Bradley & Corwyn, 2002). The increased risk associated with poverty is attributed to a lack of access to resources that more wealthy families can afford, in addition to exposure to stressors, such as poor housing quality and a lack of structure (Bradley & Corwyn, 2002;Hetzner, Johnson, & Brooks-Gunn, 2010). Some problems brought about by children displaying problem behavior early in life who are more likely to face developmental challenges later in school and into adulthood, including antisocial behavior ( Campbell, Spieker, Burchinal, & Poe, 2006), learning problems ( Hetzner, Johnson, & Brooks-Gunn, 2010), and risk for later identification of emotional/behavioral disorders. Some of the socialization that occurs throughout childhood is in a sense anticipatory, in that it functions to prepare children for adaptation to a fairly wide range of life roles and the various contexts children will encounter as they grow older.Travel is an educational opportunity. It’s a rich experience seeing different parts of the world and understanding other cultures. And there are several things you can do to support your children’s learning. Travel stimulate children’s minds by boosting their creativity and imagination. Both can also help develop social and emotional skills and encourage language development.


Mitchel Gift CBO

Our organisation is a community based and we focus on environmental cleanups and tree planting activities in schools churches and also upcoming forests .


One Vision Kenya

Project Title: Greening the Mind Project Goal: To equip young Kenyans with skills and knowledge to become stewards of nature and engage in actions geared towards improving community livelihoods and environmental sustainability. Project Description: Greening the mind promotes environmental education in learning institutions (Primary schools) in Migori County to enhance participation of pupils in environmental restoration while providing them with alternative method of learning. Through the project, the younger generation shall be inspired and engaged to value nature and develop a passion for green entrepreneurship while at the same time contributing to the local biodiversity conservation. The project, further, aims at helping children to build community spirit and social cohesion through identification of environmental challenges and coming up with locally appropriate sustainable interventions. Location: Migori County-Kenya


Ngong Hills Mbagathi Water Resource Users Association

REGISTRATION Ngong Hills Mbagathi Water Resource Users Association was officially registered by the Registrar of Societies vide certificate No. 43505 on 21st November 2013 specifically for the purpose of cooperative management and conservation of the water resource within Ngong Mbagathi catchment area. Our physical location is at Kerarapon Chief’s office. COVERAGE AREAS: The WRUA has nine Sub-WRUAs covering three counties as follows: 1) Kajiado County – covers Kajiado North and Kibiko Emanyatta of Kajiado West Constituency. 2) Kiambu County – covers Gikambura and Karinde of Kikuyu Constituency. 3) Nairobi County – Karen area of Langata Constituency. The WRUA covers an estimated area of 144km2 of the upper Athi River catchment just West of the metropolitan Nairobi region. We are situated at the source of Mbagathi River within the Upper Athi water catchment region that is a source of natural springs that serves; Kerarapon Water Association, Kibiko Water Project, Olepolos Water Project, Gitue Water Services, Ngong Veterinary Farm, Primate Research Karen, Nairobi National Park, Karen Country Club, Cooperative University College, Kerarapon Primary School, Kerarapon Police Post, Kajiado County Water Point at Kerarapon Trading Centre among others. Mbagathi river also serve various tree nurseries, wildlife, riparian farmers, domestic uses and by several institutions as it continues flowing through Nairobi County, Machakos County, Tana River County and enters into the Indian ocean as Sabaki River in Kilifi County. GREEN CERTIFICATE We have, as a gradual measure to the right direction, adopted a document dubbed Green Certificate for appreciating those who play part in supporting our efforts. We adopted it in Ngong Location on 12th December 2021. We farther launched it at Ngong sub-county level during World Water Day on 22nd March 2022. We award Green Certificates to all members who attend to our tree planting/growing activities. We supported the initiative and shall further support launch at county level and proceed to national level rollout. This initiative is a motivating measure to encourage everyone to plant and take care of trees which shall culminate to a better ecosystem and reversing of a worsening climate change. Green Certificate would be made a vital document for all of us. Green Certificate, just like good conduct certificate, would show that the holder is careful and responsible to the environment. Its presence and impact can be seen by searching Ngong Hills Mbagathi WRUA Green Certificate online to see our various activities. THE PROBLEMS THAT WE ARE SOLVING We are holding activities to reverse degradation of catchment areas that have resulted in serious siltation and sedimentation of Springs. Springs which used to flow throughout the year are now on the verge of drying up. Pollution and solid waste disposal have rendered the water resource unsuitable for domestic and other uses. The water is being polluted by sewerage systems, chemicals from farms and industries. We have been holding sensitization meetings and activities in our area where we involve environmental stakeholders, regulators and the community. Non water friendly tree species are planted along near springs and along the river. To curb that we have been providing alternative indigenous water friendly seedlings to the communities and institutions. Uncontrolled farming activities along the rivers degrade the water quality and levels. We have been working closely with area chiefs and elders to curb. It is a continuous process that involves the riparian land owners. During Tree Planting Expeditions and sensitization activities, we have been inviting media for coverage to enable us share with the world the activities we do in our small ways. These include: Standard Group, Farmers Media, Kenya Broadcasting Services, Kenya News Agency, Elveza Media and social media. To enable us share our actions more we include physical representation from: Ministry of Interior & Coordination of National Government, Kenya Air Force (MAB), County Governments, Kenya Wildlife Services, Kenya Forest Services, Kenya Scout, Rotarians, Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Education and religious institutions. We are willing to do more until the climate get better for all of us, water quality and quantity is available for each and everyone and there is sustainable waste management.



TonyWild is an organization whose focus is to promote conservation action by creating awareness of wildlife through photography, film and science. We envision a generation that will influence sustainable natural resource management. We work towards this by educating and showcasing the beauty and importance of nature and wildlife. We conduct different programs all aimed at educating young people on conservation and advancing conservation action. Our Visual Ecological Program (VELP) focuses on young people at primary and secondary school levels. We expose the students to the conservation of nature, especially wildlife near their school and provide them with basic conservation photography skills. In addition, we offer students an ecological trip to a national park, reserve, or conservancy where they interact with wildlife and nature. For most of the students, this is usually their first interaction with nature and wildlife. Images taken by students are then exhibited in the schools and used to develop resource centers for the whole school to learn. Another aspect of the program is the MITIgation project which is coupled with tree planting and life skill teachings. ‘Miti’ is a Swahili word that means trees. We facilitate students in schools to plant trees and encourage them to nurture the trees throughout their school years, in collaboration and agreement with the school’s administration. This gives the students a purpose to be involved in conservation. Overall, through these programs and engagements, we instill in them a care for wildlife and inspire them to conserve the environment and wildlife. The VELP program has been successful in a couple of schools that we have been able to work within, Nairobi, Kiambu, Mombasa Laikipia and Homabay Counties among other counties we have worked in and look forward to spreading our wings across all counties in Kenya. The progress and impact of this project are documented on our website. This program helps to raise awareness of wildlife and influence the behavior of the children in their communities towards wildlife and environment conservation in general.


Slums Going Green and Clean CBO

Healthy ecosystems clean our water, purify our air, maintain our soil, regulate the climate, recycle nutrients and provide us with food. They provide raw materials and resources for medicines and other purposes. They are at the foundation of all civilisation and sustain our economies. Through consistency and dedication SGGC has created sustainable social change by improving our community initiatives , recycling systems and other important habits that will have long lasting effects for future generations.We are the ones leading by example. Our main focus is to create envieonmental awarness [eco-consciousness],inspire ,involve the community to be part and parcel,composting , tree planting /growing . The goal of environmental education is to develop a world population that is aware and concerned about their environment and its associated problems and which has the knowledge, skills, attitudes, motivation and commitment to work individually and collectively towards solutions of the current problems and prevention of new ones. Children are influenced by their surroundings. It’s important to start young when teaching them habits, especially considering that children develop habits by age nine. Both bad and healthy habits can be hard to break. Habits are actions and behaviours we perform subconsciously, and they’re insanely difficult to break.The earlier we introduce healthy habits, the more likely these habits will stick for years to come.


WaterWorX WOP Nakuru and Kisumu

Nakuru county and other parts of Kenya are in danger of climate change, the climate change crisis is so evident in the threatening drought due to the change in rainfall pattern, current flooding, soil erosion swelling of lakes .This explains the food insecurity, water scarcity and poor sanitation posing a threat to the economy, environmental, health and the social wellbeing of the people living in this area. There is demand for action to climate change urgently. The county government of Nakuru has been step ahead in recreating a better environment by gazzeting a CREWM (climate resilience and water management ) that focus on measures of creating a climate resilient by involving all the climate stakeholders in the whole country , so far the team has come up with a master plan a 2050 vision that has provided measures to rescue the county from climate change and attain a resilient climate through ; tree planting and regreening of bare land , smart farming, green energy application, water harvesting and so on to redeem the climate status by the year2050. The main climate change measures is to create a sponge city. Basically, this means using the land to hold water just like a clothe sponge ad squeeze later for consumption when need be. The idea is to recharge the aquifers ad ensure constant supply of water in future since the county depends on ground water. Tree planting will help in achieving a sponge city by: • Reducing run off water and slowing the storm water so that it can be absorbed in the ground and recharge the aquifers • Slowing of storm water crater to control flooding • The roots will hold the soil together and control soil erosion • Also, it will regreen and cover the surface of earth for protection from sun heat exposure and enhnce beautification WaterWorX (WWX) has partnernered with other climate change stakeholders like METAMETA , KFS,NAWASSCO , Schools and CBOs in regreening the environment by planting trees . The project looks forward to planting more trees and saving the world at large



WE ARE A GROUP OF PASSIONATE ENVIRONMENTAL WARRIORS FIGHTING TO PROTECT THE PLANET! With no educational background on environmental science and things around it, we have made it our duty to learn and educate ourselves on climate change issues and educate others. We are spicy! we are warriors! we fight to conserve the environment Igniting and participating in environmental conservation activities is our key initiative and we do this by tree planting to increase forest cover, clean-up activities around our nation Kenya. Other factors also behind our motivation to our course include: - 1.CREATING AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS in our communities and through the social media and blogs and youth centric concerts on the importance of environmental conservation. 2.IRREVERSIBLE CHANGE - The worst impacts of climate change could be irreversible by 2030. In its 2018 special report on Global Warming of 1.5°C, the UN Intergov Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned that we only have twelve years to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. 3.RISK OF EXTINCTION- More than 1 million species are at risk of extinction by climate change. Extinction is a natural phenomenon, claiming about five species per year. But some experts suggest we’re in the midst of the sixth mass extinction — one that is caused mostly by human activity 4.IGNORANT LEADERS- The world has been aware of climate change since the IPCC in 1988. Scientists and the public rallied around environmental policy… Countries contributing most to global emissions have the best chance of curbing climate change, but leaders are doing little to address it. WE ARE NOT TREATING CLIMATE CRISIS AS A CRISIS. We believe that as Warriors and in this space of environmental conservation we cannot do it ourselves. Even a warrior cannot win a battle alone, they need backup, they need motivators, they need someone to hold them when they are injured, they need someone to whisper in their ear “We Got this! Let’s Fight hard!” and that’s why we are really into partnerships with other organization, Institutions, Community Based Organizations, companies, schools and even individual donors or well-wishers so as to forge ahead in a bigger and stronger troop to achieving this GREEN WAR. We are spicy! we are warriors! #OurWarfare,Environment


WildNow Foundation

WildNow is an African conservation organization working to sustain the natural world for the benefit of wildlife and it’s people. We are focused on restoring natural habitats, stopping the mass extinction of wildlife, and empowering communities through sustainable ventures. Our goal is to improve the co-dependency of our biodiversity by reducing the rate of human-wildlife conflict, educating and advocating for sustainable urbanization and development. To achieve this, the organization is committed to: • Improving wildlife habitats with the coexistence of community around the areas. • Building Awareness on environmental issues and innovative solutions. • Changing the ideology of economic development in Africa with incorporation of wildlife conservation. Our Objectives • Mitigation of climate change by promoting tree planting. • Increase public awareness and appreciations of the technical capabilities of restoring wildlife populations and degraded habitats. • Enhance technical capabilities of professionals and communities in the area restoration As an organization we have planted over one million trees and have a goal of planting 1 billion trees. We have done projects in various counties across Kenya from government projects in the Mau forest to schools in Voi, Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos, Kisumu and many others. We have another project coming up on the 29th October 2022 where we have a tree planting event again. Along with the tree planting, we also provide mentorship to students for a range of topics and in some cases even do donations of reusable sanitary pads and other items.


Foster Green Community Based Organisation

Foster Green Community Based Organization works to have a generation of involved informed and empowered youth in Kenya. Founded in 2020 as a youth led non-political, nongovernmental association with current membership of over 50 young people. We believe that our generation will spearhead the change that Kenya and Africa as a whole, has been waiting for. We demonstrate that our generation has a distinct relevance in improving conditions, uplifting standards and bringing environmental progress in Kenya. Our mission is to strive for environmental conservation and management through tree growing, advocating for green infrastructure, streets and green spaces as well as environmental education to the young ones and the society. Our core values inter alia include Service beyond self, volunteerism, maintain a vision, responsibility, cooperation beyond borders, public mindedness, accountability, transparency, non-profit Integrity, comprehensive viewpoint, etc. that aims at raising awareness of the issues associated with environmental degradation and climate change affairs. In addition, promote and encourage environmental conservation through development of environmental education and research.



Our climate is changing. The signs are everywhere, more extreme weather, more floods and landslides, more heatwaves, droughts and wildfires, putting the matter beyond all reasonable doubt. Nearly all scientists agree that it is happening and it is human-made. Those who disagree, are either mistaken or corrupted by other interests. The irony of this groundless controversy about climate change is that all the scientific proof is not even necessary. As the climate is part of the environment and nobody can deny that the environment is being devastated, there is no way that the climate could remain unaffected by all that devastation. Even an Ancient Greek by the name of Theophrastus, living about 2,400 years ago, noticed that deforestation led to drier and warmer weather. How bad is it going to be? The scariest part is that we don’t know. This is an uncharted territory. Far too little research on the environment means that we only know a fraction of what is really going on. What we do know, is that everything is going in the wrong direction. Air, water and soil are being polluted, ground water is being depleted, soil is being degraded and eroded, animal species are going extinct and ecosystems are being destroyed at incredible rates while every day the addition of about 200,000 humans is making things worse. We can be sure, of course, of rising ocean levels with widespread flooding. It is also very likely that gulf streams will change their courses or cease to function completely. It is also possible that the huge and concentrated tracts of farmland that provide the bulk of human food will be lost. Warmer sea water is already diminishing life in the oceans. All this means that billions of human lives, yes billions not millions, are directly at risk. It is also inevitable that the deterioration of habitats will lead to mass migrations on a scale never seen before, with all the attendant social and political unrest. That being the state of affairs, we as an academic institution have joined the movement so as to avert this crisis. We have initiated a club/movement (Evergreen Environmental Movement) at Silibwet Secondary school, which is located at Nyandarua county, Ol-jororok constituency in Gathanji Sub-county. This club/movement was founded by five members of staff namely: Elizabeth Njihia, Osborn Kamau, Jared Charana, Alex Shitoshe and Simon Wamiti. Our sole objective is to champion for the Sustainable Development Goals and mainly take part in climate mitigation by creating awareness on adaptation measures (Goal 13). In that regard we have prepared 8,000 cypress tree seedlings. We have begun by planting trees in our school together with our students. We have also managed to donate 200 tree seedlings and taken part in tree planting activity in each of the following schools: Ngano Secondary School, Ngatha Secondary School, Gathanji Secondary School, Ngatha Primary School, Gathanji Primary School, Muungano Primary School, Igwamiti Primary School, Mahua Primary School, Silibwet Primary School and Kiheo Primary School. We look forward to continue planting these trees in all Schools within Gathanji Sub-county before we launch the same in the other sub-counties. Through this initiative we have so far been able to plant about 7,000 trees. Our ultimate goal is to plant 10,000 trees by the end of this year. This is in line with our projection which is to be taking part in planting 10,000 trees every year going forward. The impact of this initiative will soon or later be felt in our region and also far and wide. It will also go a long way in safeguarding life below water (Goal 14) and life on land (Goal 15) of the SDGs.


Peace Ambassadors Integration Organization (PAMBIO)

Peace Ambassadors Integration Organization (PAMBIO) is a national youth focused and youth managed peace building and youth empowerment organization. It works to build the capacity of communities for peaceful interactions by enhancing commitment to peaceful relations, ethical behavior and respect for one another. We recognize that no nation can achieve sustainable peace without managing the environment. Our Green Print Project aims at reducing the Carbon Print as a response to the myriad of environmental concerns. These issues include air pollution, climate change and global warming, sustainable energy, land degradation (land pollution, desertification, and deforestation), soil erosion and conservation, over-exploitation of natural resources, and poor waste management. These issues are serious and if not addressed, will have devastating implications for present and future generations. Our biggest project has been Mau Reforestation where we have planted over 90,000 trees and we aim to plant 30,000 more by October of 2022. Our target is to plant ! million trees every year begin 2023. We have planted 7000 trees in Tanyai forest, We have done 120 kilometers walk campaign (Naivasha-Nakuru) to educate people on the need of not littering on our highways. We do a atleast 2 clean up campaigns in different towns using our chapters.



HyaPak is a B2B startup that converts water hyacinth (world's most problematic aquatic weed) into biodegradable alternatives to single use plastic products.  By manufacturing products that decompose within 3 to 6 months, HyaPak simultaneously solves the issue of plastic waste pollution caused by disposable plastics, as well as the problems caused by water hyacinth in fresh water bodies around the world. 


The Green Heart Movement

The Green Heart Movement is an environmental conversation organization that was started in the year 2019. It's main focus is planting trees in schools and through the campaign we started called "Adopt a Tree Challenge." Where we ensure that every child has a chance to adopt a tree, and ensure that they have the responsibility of making sure that the tree survives, by the challenge, that has enabled 90% survival rate of the Trees.. The trees mostly are fruit trees and observe food security and trees that can offer shade later in the future,. We also ensure that we practice reaffosetation and afforestation so that we can increase the number of trees in the country.. Looking forward to the 1Million trees planting drive in the next 10 years..


Rotaract E-Club Kabarnet

As a club, we deal with environmental conservation such as tree planting, creating awareness on why the trees must be protected and also encourage the community to plant trees within there compound.


Mwakirunge Youth CBO

Mwakirunge Youth CBO it strengthening of Beach Management Unit and CBOs in utilizing opportunity for increased productivity and equitable incomes along the creek and conservation of mangroves. The challenges to commercialization of fish industry include low productivity arising from among others; environmental degradation and poor resilience towards effects of climate change low use of quality inputs which is expensive. We mainly focus on agroforestry practices on upstream farming, erecting mangroves clay kilns for burning of reject nylon and use of pilot mangroves tree nurseries to reduce usage of plastics and nylon in the mangrove forest


Miti Alliance

Miti Alliance is a registered social enterprise in Kenya. Our work is focused on Environmental Education through empowering and equipping the current and next generation of conservationists. Our Miti Schools Program focuses on empowering and equipping school-going children with knowledge, skills and understanding of climate change issues with a bias to planting and growing trees, specifically fruit and indigenous trees. We provide consultancy and management services for tree-growing projects and actively advocate for conservation and regeneration of the environment through our media channels. We also manage an indigenous tree nursery and 2 training centers to teach others about tree growing, conservation and sustainability. Through the Miti Museum we strongly believe in preserving biodiversity and preserving our rare and indigenous tree species that we are growing there. Our hope is that people from all walks of life can visit and learn more about the biodiversity that Kenya has.


Muangeni Rural Development Program (cbo)

In an area where women, youth and people living with disabilities and the society at large are prone to climate change shocks and economic shocks, Muangeni Rural Development Program are keen in investing resilient projects. The cbo focuses on awareness creation, capacity building on climate action for adaptation and mitigation measures. The project has planted with the community more than 25,000 bee friendly trees, helped 300 plus households adopt to clean cooking and lighting alternatives, broadcasted 24,000 seedballs in two water sources. The project also supports a honey value chain with the community to improve their living standards. This has been made possible through multi-stakeholder partnerships and collaborations and policy influencing at county level.


Kenyatta University Environment Club

Kenyatta University environmental club (KUNEC) is a club founded on November, 1992 with an aim of serving the environmental students community in pursuit of academic research and social welfare bringing about peace, prosperity and integrity among it's members. KUNEC club promotes professionalism,ethics and moral value among it's members and facilitate discussion on environmental issues. The club ensures members gain exposure in environmental field through organised academic trips, discussion,seminars, conferences, workshops and partnership with other environmental institutions, organisations and associations. VISION To empower the members with skills and expertise required in environment. MISSION To mobilize people of good will to support environmental students in our obsessive quest to enhance and improve the professionalism of Kenyatta University Club members; which will in the long run, build better ties between our school of environmental studies and the key players in the corporate world as we strive to strike majestic heights in environmental and academic quarters. OBJECTIVES. uplift the academic standards of the environmental students and relevant students in/out of the university level. Identify and analyse local and regional environmental problems and suggest practical solutions. Expose the students to real environmental solutions to various problems facing the immediate community and secure partnership and corporate players. Update the students with the dynamism in the environmental field. participate in various environmental exhibitions . Create a platform where students can be exposed to entrepreneurial skills and preparation for self employment. Give room for recognition, appreciation for enhancement of green technology for sustainable development. Enhance networking among the members and the socio-economic-environmental sector. Participate in the public awareness within and off Kenyatta University on conservation of natural and built environment. Establish a club's information and resources center. Equip all members with the knowledge of the global goals (sustainable development goals). GOALS To incorporate members into environmental organisations. To produce environmental experts of excellent professional and ethical standards. To recommend and certify the members.


Kenya Association of Women in Tourism

Liz Ayany ia a youth at heart who is determined to aid the young generation as they undertake the journey of conservation. In her circles including Rotary International , she is a champion of conservation and advocates for planting of fruit trees to help in the dietary supplementation of our food insecure society. she is a practitioner in conservation as she lives by ensuring her carbon footprint is at it minimal as well as those around her.


Climate Change Adapters kenya

Climate Change Adapters is mandated to carrying out research towards climate change mitigation and adaptation. Members use this research findings to conduct capacity Building on different topics within climate change. Also we do carryout tree planting, seed throwing and clean ups to help provide conducive environment that enables day to day activities.


Millennium Campus Network, Kenyatta university

Millennium Campus Network (MCN) is a youth led mentorship program that taps into talent and leadership of campus students all over the world to help come up with solutions to tackle climate change by advancing the UN sustainable goals. During each year cohort the fellows undertake project based on the 17 sdg's and work together toward realization of a solution. The programme has been running in Kenyatta university for the last five years and these year we have a total of 24 fellows undertaking to solve problems in the various sdg's, with the upcoming of the hummingbird award we feel that these could be beneficial to the team especially those undertaking projects on climate action and life on land as the tree planting will directly contribute to advancement of the aforementioned sustainable development goals. These is evident from success of our alumni impact stories that have been published in our official website. We hope that our efforts as a youth fellowship will grant us these support to help us facilitate the promotion of sustainable development goals.


Homa Bay County (HBC)Diaspora Community

Homa Bay County Diaspora Community is registered in Kenya as Community Based Organization (CBO) with its registered offices in Homa Bay Town, In Homa bay County in the republic of Kenya. The organization financed by the members through their personal contributions/Investments, well-wishers and, partners, Friends and donors who support their Objectives, ideology, projects and activities. The organization is headed by a board of conveners The aims and objective of the organization The aim of the organization is to create a forum to bring together the sons and daughters of Homabay who live and work abroad to participate in the development and governance of their county by being part of the solutions rather than being part of the problems. Wr have a project named "One Child One Tree” project This project is intended to generate 5 Million seedlings every year for the next three years beginning April 2021. These seedlings consisting of high value commercial tress and those that are suitable for Agro-Forestry will be planted in every school, church, Mosque and public places within Homa Bay County. The HBC Diaspora community wish to invest in the seedling production/growing at the lowest production cost to support the environmental conservation efforts already ongoing, increase forest cover in the county and grow their own commercial forests in their lands for profit. We will work with already existing tree nursery owners, CBOs, NGOs and government departments, through contractual arrangements for mutual benefit.

87Green family

We are a youth self help group based in kiambu County in kikuyu sub county. Our main aim is to raise awareness on global warming as well as help create awareness in the community. Our main goal is to foster a tree planting culture in our community and region as a whole.



This association combines solidarity and afforestation. After the outbreak of fires that destroy forests and green cover, our association seeks to restore life to these forests by planting them and continuing their growth until they return to what they were and better. We are also working to involve in this voluntary work, sensitization and awareness of the importance of green cover and forests in balance and ecological diversity.


JKUAT environmental management association

JEMA is a student-led environmental organization that brings together students with similar goals such as safeguarding Mother Earth from pollution, protecting wildlife (both plants and animals), developing sustainable energy sources, and restoring ecosystems. The group has participated in several environmental programs throughout the country and has had a significant impact, particularly in afforestation. It has kept the school's grounds clean and is even planning an arboretum that will be used for research and recreation. As a group, we intend to keep our world clean and green for future generations who will live long after us.


We Don't Have Time

We are climate review platform creating awareness to political & business leaders and individuals on the need to take care of our planet through our We Don't Have Time online platform which is available on playstore and appstore.

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