IMPROVING COMMUNITY NUTRITION THROUGH INNOVATIVE GARDENING PRACTICES AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION. - The Project is about impacting the school going children with skills and techniques of growing organic, healthy vegetables and fruits for home consumption and for sale. -The project involves school going children whom after being trained on vegetable and fruits gardening, they are allowed to set up a demonstration farm at the school through the guidance of their teacher Mr Orina Dominic. -They are also issued with seedlings to cascade the same to their households where they go and plant the fruits and vegetables. - Hidden hunger is a major health concern in Sub-Saharan Africa which results from micronutrients deficiency thus involving children in finding a solution for this problem not only makes them health champions through sound and safe nutrition but also ensures sustainability of the programme. - Global warming is another big challenge facing the world, children have the opportunity to be environmental champions through the kind of agricultural practices they involve in their gardening. They use organic manure and organic ways of controlling pests as away of environmental conservation. They also use recycled materials like sacks and containers to grow their fruits and vegetables. -The surplus fruits and vegetables are used to earn an income therefore creating economic empowerment in the community. -The programme is also meant to help in attitude and behaviour change with regards to consumption of vegetables and fruits in a community that previously has not been growing them. ●Goal and objectives of the project 1) Overall Objectives; Promote Social, Economic, Technological and Industrial Needs for personal and National Development. 2) Specific Objectives; Participate actively in agriculture activities for environmental conservation and use scarce agricultural activities through innovative gardening practices to contribute towards Nutrition and Food Security in our country Kenya.

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