Greetings from The Millennial Environmentalists. This is an invitation for you to be part of a fundraising and restoration project dubbed "The Hummingbird Awards". As we all know, more individuals have become aware of the devastating effects of climate change and are actively taking mitigative measures to combat the same. However, their stories are not shared widely to help them network and influence more people to join the course. The Hummingbird institution Awards by T.M.E recognizes these individuals and institutions by providing a platform for them to create partnerships and make their work known to the world. The aim is to award environmentalists from all over the country with seedlings, seed balls and any other necessary support to enable them continue with the good work. The awards are open to individuals, schools, churches and organizations.
May 3, 2023 18:05 to May 21, 2023 00:05
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Asbel Kemboi

The future of our planet is in our hands. Let's act now and make the changes necessary to ensure a sustainable and healthy world for generations to come


Moses Sankale

Hey My name is Moses Sankale shunet, a computer science graduate but with alot of passion in environmental conservation. My core focus is to ensure planting of trees and mostly the traditional ones with medicinal value.i focus to the ensure each family has a small planted forest in their farms since most people in maasai land have large parcels of land .when forest are available people can engage in bee farming as another source of income.Honey from the bees will also be used for its nutrition and medicinal value


Fidelis Wangui Nderitu

As an environmental advocate, my focus is on promoting sustainable practices and protecting natural ecosystems. I believe that every individual has a responsibility to reduce their environmental impact, and that we must work together to create a more sustainable future. I specifically founded an organization that advocates for policies that support renewable energy,, reduce waste and pollution, and protect biodiversity. We also educate the public on environmental issues and encourage people on reducing carbon print. By protecting the natural world, we can ensure a healthier planet for future generations.


Ahmed Amin

I focus on the goal I have of conserving thw environment by planting more trees than last year since I live in semi arid area.


Stella Wanjiru

Advocacy and literacy. Letting people know the importance of conservation and effects if not cared for. Environment being a very important part of our ecosystem. Planting trees especially those that are becoming extinct this is because looking it at a wider dimension indegenous trees have more than one benefit. planting exotic trees also have benefits and this is in the effect of trying to fight towards this climate crisis . Experiences of the human wildlife conflict in different areas also making me concerned about wildlife and forests conservation. Water scarcity was also a major in Kenya cutting across rivers drying, lack of clean water to drink and other chores .water being a very vital commodity. Crisis experienced was also death of animals and lack of food that is drought. Different changes in the climate have led that and I want to stand and be a voice of change to others and to create climate literacy because sometimes people do things due to lack of knowledge as much others do it due to ignorance.


Wesley Kirui

To enable the community enlighten on environmental conservation and it's benefits and effects


Maurice Murage Ndung'u

The environment is one of the most important issues facing humanity today, and it is critical that we all take action to protect and preserve it for future generations. As an artificial intelligence language model, I do not have a personal environmental focus, but I am designed to provide information and insights on a wide range of environmental issues and topics. The need to address environmental issues has become increasingly urgent in recent years as we have seen the impacts of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution on our planet. Climate change, in particular, is a major global challenge that requires urgent action to mitigate its impacts and adapt to the changes that are already underway. We need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to renewable energy sources to slow down the rate of global warming and limit the risks to our ecosystems, economies, and communities. Biodiversity loss is another critical environmental issue that threatens the health and resilience of our ecosystems. The loss of species and habitats can lead to the collapse of entire ecosystems, with cascading impacts on the services they provide, such as clean water, air, and food. It is therefore crucial that we protect and restore biodiversity through conservation efforts and sustainable land use practices. Sustainable development is also an important environmental focus, as we need to find ways to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This requires a shift towards more sustainable production and consumption patterns, as well as the adoption of green technologies and practices that reduce our environmental impact and promote social and economic development. Finally, environmental policies and regulations play a critical role in shaping our environmental focus and actions. Governments and international organizations have a key role to play in setting targets, standards, and regulations that promote environmental sustainability and hold individuals and organizations accountable for their actions. In conclusion, while I do not have a personal environmental focus as an artificial intelligence language model, I am designed to provide information and insights on a wide range of environmental issues and topics. It is clear that addressing environmental challenges requires collective action and commitment from individuals, organizations, and governments around the world. By working together, we can protect and preserve our planet for future generations and ensure a sustainable future for all.


Manuel Muke.

Climate change ambassador.



My focus is in growing trees of hope to keep my poetry and noble cause alive as a physical symbol while conserving the environment. Ie when i raise my voice of hope for the girl child to get free menstrual product we do a physical thing by growing trees of hope in the name of being the change a girl child desires in life and this is done in various areas.



I champion environmental awareness through photography and films ,I create content that promote ,conservation, protection ,mitigation, adaptation and awareness of the environment


Alexive Terer

My focus is to ensure conservation of environment by planting trees. Many areas in Nandi county are becoming try. The reason is because, the indigenous trees are being cut down without other being planted. I have had a dream of reconstruction of our environment by planting more environmentally friendly trees. My plan is to plant more than 10 thousand trees by the end of the year, by first targeting catchment areas and then along the streams. I also have a dream of involving my neighbor schoos in planting trees in their schools then extend to more schoos. This is possible since am a trainee teacher, and I know to engage students to buy the idea of environment conservation.


Captain Muriithi

I am an environmental digital advocate, environmentalist, Youth leader who is committed to see young people being included, and empowered as they take part in climate action, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem restoration and Community outreach to make sure that we save mother earth. I have been advocating this through online platforms, like twitter, facebook and Instagram. I have also taken part in live interviews in several TV stations like KU TV among others. I have also established my Community Based Organisation called, Greener Younger Earth organisation to make sure that my dreams to have youths as the key driver in climate action is achieved.


Amelia Tichi Little Miss Environment Kenya

Amelia Tichi is the current Little Miss Environment Kenya and use her title and voice to advocate for plastics recycling, greening and cleaning of informal settlements (slums). Her first achievement after she was crowned was to plant 59 trees on the 59th Madaraka Day on 1st June 2022.


Sankara Nyagaya

Multi-Disciplinary Artist
Climate Change Activist
Iam a youth from Kajiado County in Kenya who's very passionate about environment and ecosystem conservation. I mainly give early childhood education for sustainable mitigation and adaptation of climate change in primary schools through our Club, Kenya Forest Club. Besides giving education and creating awareness about climate change together with members of the club we implement adaptation and mitigation measures such as tree planting proper waste management, teach and advocate for renewable energy, teach and implement climate smart agriculture protection and farming of the bees and other insects etc.

I love to use art as a medium of teaching and creating awareness it helps me pass on the message easily. I also try to create employment and economic opportunity to fellow youths through the green economy


Lawrence Konko

Lawrence Konko is a community practitioner, child protection and advocacy champion. Passionate about community development and wellbeing of the vulnerable groups.
My core business is to create awareness on the importance of conserving our environment so that the future generation will not suffer the same fate. Am also ensuring that the illiteracy level of the environment is dead and everybody in our community fathom the need to plant, protect and conserve.


Brown Qaki

My name is Ezekiel Munyoki popularly known as Brown Qaki. I am an Artist, Environmentalist who champions for climate change and the well being of mother nature through music and festivals. I hail from Mathare slums in Nairobi where i volunteer towards community development focusing on teaching music and art. I have written and recorded a climate action for change song titled Umoja that won best song written e360 award in Kenya last year and is well recognized in German and Austria. See link

Being a youth in the Slums of Mathare whose song about environment and climate has won awards and got to be recognised across Europe motivated me to initiate projects like; NG'ARISHA MTAA which is Swahili for clean your home/surrounding. This program focuses mainly on community clean ups and transforming a place that was once illegally used as a waste disposal into a habitable environment.
We mostly engage the children from the community in this program for them to understand at an early age what it means to take care of our environment.
Our upcoming festival is called; MATHARE GOT TALENT where i will work to nature children talents with NGOs and CBOs from the community on the Theme Education and Environment on 27th April,2023 at Valley Bridge Primary. You are most welcome from 8a.m.


Jada Neema

I am a climate activist and eco warrior, I am passionate about nature conservation and advocacy. I focus on forest restoration and conservation, and also do cleanups and sensitize people on the importance of doing so both young and old. I recently started a petition to #SAVE NGONG ROAD FOREST please sign it and share.


Alinoor Abdi Shaaban

My story involved planting neem trees in my village since I come from arid and semi-arid lands with little rain. Those neem trees don't require a lot of water and are evergreen. Climate change is real and in my capacity, I started that initiative this year to increase forest cover and make the small village look green.

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