Green Conservation through Empowerering School Tanzania

Bridging Green Conservation through Empowerering School Tanzania. Introduction. Africa Child Foundation Mission of Tanzania established since early 2017 and registered in the year 2021 Under NGO Act No. 24 of 2002 of Tanzanian Laws which amended in 2005 and 2019. It awarded a Certificate of Registration at National level with Registration Number 00NGO/R/2384 of 7th October , 2021. The title of the project bridging Green Conservation through Empowerering School in Tanzania in gardening establishment which aims to promote healthy eating habits among children by encouraging schools to establish organic vegetable gardens. Students will learn how to grow food and how to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into their daily diets through the project. This project teaches students valuable problem-solving, teamwork, and responsibility skills in addition to promoting healthy eating habits. In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle, it is a great way to create a sustainable source of fresh produce for the school community and improve development. Objective and Puropse of the statement The school nutrition garden project in Morogoro region Tanzania aims to implement organic farming in 841 primary schools and 841 villages. Because organic foods are free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers that could accumulate residues, they are considered healthy and environmentally safe. According to some consumers, surveyed, poor eating habits are causing an increase in non-communicable diseases. This strategy aims to increase access to diverse organic foods that are affordable and reliable for consumers. Secondly, the environmental degradation that the Morogoro region is facing will be solved by planting fruit trees to be used during hunger times and prevent hunger; when the fruit trees are planted, the fruits will be used to prepare food, allowing the community to overcome its hunger. Way Forward. As fruits and roots are used as food by the community during dry seasons, we need to establish the project of planting 900,000 fruit trees in each district and establish 841 school gardens. The community will be able to get rain, water, plants, school food and other crops during dry seasons, and also preserves the environment. Local communities rely on crops for survival, so the loss of woodlands, forest cover, and other trees is devastating. The total amount requested for conducting the project are USD 850,000. for empowering 841 primary school in Tanzania ,each school require USD 1,010. per year. Prepared by: Yizukanji Yoradi Sikombe Africa Child Foundation Mission of Tanzania. Organization adress are Africa Child Foundation Mission Of Tanzania Msimamo Street, Kihonda Ward P.O.BOX 53, House no. 173/ Block 2. Morogoro-Tanzania. Email. Email. Call. +255 764814904. /+255768245874 Website.
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