Every year since 2017, the Light Mr. & Miss Autism Kenya Pageantry has been organized to create autism awareness and raise funds for early intervention projects. The event takes place in April and is directed towards raising Autism awareness in Kenya. The month of April is chosen by virtue of its status as World Autism Awareness Month. As the event’s aim is to reach the widest possible audiences, it is therefore televised. The funds raised go to facilitating free therapy services with children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities coming from low-income and or rural areas. The therapies that the children get access to are occupational therapy, speech therapy, play therapy, skill assessment, nutritional advice, advice, and behavior therapy. These and other forms of intervention are administered at an early age have proven to be effective in making the kids into self-independent adults who can navigate the complex structures of society, earn an income and be self-reliant. Besides raising Autism awareness, the pageant will select the 3 main ambassadors for the Autism community in Kenya. These ambassadors are: I. The Light of Autism Kenya – a person of any gender with Autism who is chosen to be the main ambassador of the Autism movement. This is the most prestigious and highest title given by the pageant. II. Mr. Autism Kenya – a male adult individual without Autism, who is chosen to support and assist the Light of Autism Kenya utilize his/her platform and be an autism ambassador to the youth III. Miss Autism Kenya – a female adult individual without Autism, who is chosen to support and assist the Light of Autism Kenya utilize his/her platform and be an autism ambassador to the youth Our reason for including those without Autism is to bring into reality inclusion and optimize public engagement and thus, raise awareness. Indeed, pageants are popular among the youth. Thus, giving them a platform in the Autism movement allows them to learn about the condition and disseminate knowledge on Autism to their peers.
March 30, 2022 06:03 to April 9, 2022 23:04
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Keith Mwangi

I am competing for Light of Autism Kenya.

My name is Keith Mwangi, I am 20 years old. I am a student at kestrel Manor School. I am autistic which means I have challenges with social skills and speech. I don't interact well with other people because of my limited speech. My hobbies are swimming, bike riding and travelling.  I like eating nyama choma, chicken and chips and I also like playing with my sisters and brothers. I don't like loud music, heights, dogs and people staring at me. 

I hope one day I'll be able to communicate efficiently with others and relate with them without any difficulties and I hope I will make new friends in future.

Breton Gitahi Gicheru

I am competing for Light of Autism Kenya.

Am Breton Gitahi Gicheru ,
18years & student . My hobbies swimming & travelling.
Like praying, watching football & gadgets.
Dislike bullying.


Fabian Nyange

I am competing for Light of Autism Kenya.









Ronny Weeber

I am competing for Light of Autism Kenya.

My name is Ronny Weeber. I'm Fourteen years old.
 I attend Kestrel Manor school and I'm  currently in year eight. 

I'm a special child with partial autism.
I have what it takes to win as I'm tall good looking and confident.

My hobbies  are watching  movies,travelling and swimming . 

My favourite food is spaghetti  and chicken.
 The food I don't like is eggs and mangoes. 
If  crowned Mr.Autism, I  will fight  for the rights of austic children and  seek financial support from donors as to help them in  therapies,special diets and   support to perform daily chores.

Erick Omari

I am competing for Light of Autism Kenya.

Eric Omari Thuo


I want to make a difference, share hope and be an example.

If crowned winner:

I would use the chance to create awareness on Autism and share the challenges faced by people living with Autism. I would represent us well and speak out for us.

The challenges I would tackle:

I would seek help in tackling challenges faced by people living with autismlike lack of equal employment opportunities, lack of enough learning facilities and lack of enough government support. I would also let others know that people living with autism should be treated with respect 

I can do it.


Albie Aduma

I am competing for Light of  Autism Kenya.

My name is Albie Aduma.  I'm 18yrs old, I go to Kestrel Manor  School and I am Autistic. My hobbies are Singing, dancing, knitting, gardening and drawing. 
My likes are positive people, I love eating ice-cream, I like singing very much, listening to music, making new friends, fashion design, smooth face, long hair and nice food. 

My dislikes are watching movies, closed spaces, bullies, sleeping in the dark, short nails, short hair,  environmental  hazards and hospitals

I have a passion for fashion design, l look forward to joining a design school that can accommodate me with my condition. A have a great talent and if given the opportunity I can prove my talent.  

Darian Mbote.

I am competing for Light of Autism Kenya.

My name is Darian Mbote. I am Thirteen years old. My family is made up of My Father, Mother, two

brothers, and one sister.

I am a student at Kestrel Manor School In year eight .My favourite subjects are English, Kiswahili, Maths

and ICT.

I am competing in Mr Autism light to get an opportunity to show my talent.

I would like to be Mr Autism because I would like to be confident and use my talent to be a farmer

when I grow up and take care of animals from people who mistreat them


Naomi Mugo

I am competing for Miss Autism Kenya.

My name is Naomi Njeri Mugo.I am a 22 years old born again Christian.I am a special needs educator by


I would like to change the world view that Autism is not just a disorder, but it is an exceptional ability

that needs to be embraced and nurtured.

When granted a chance I will work and use all possible medias to creat awareness and educate the

society about Autism Spectrum Disorders. I will collaborate with the multidisciplinary team to ensure

that people understand how to cope with Autism.

I will major on challenges such as social stigma and rejection through creating awareness. Social phobia

by encouraging parents and individuals with Autism to focus on the strengths and encourage social


Acceptance as parents and the society together with early intervention is the key to maximize on these

exceptional abilities.


Stephen Otieno

I am competing for Mr. Autism Kenya.

My name is Stephen Otieno. A 22-year-old model and a student at The Kabete National Polytechnic. I decided to join this competition because, I saw this as an opportunity to help those having ASD to be able to cope easily with their daily activities. If crowned the winner today, I would use this opportunity to create awareness about Autism. The first challenge I would tackle is the negativity towards those with the condition. I would also wish to tackle the issue of neglecting those with the condition in society. Autism is not a disability it is a different ability.


Annette Sipatoi Ronkoine

I am competing for Miss Autism Kenya.

My name is Annette Sipatoi Ronkoine, 22 yr old student  of Law at the Mount Kenya University.I am competing for Light Mr and Miss Autism because I realize the need for people in special circumstances to be supported being a beneficiary of goodwill and support from different people myself .

Should I be crowned the winner,I will run a heightened campaign in association with other organizations that deal with ASD to create awareness and demistify  the cultural perception of  autism .I would tackle the challenges of stigma and isolation that are a result of a wide misunderstanding of ASD. This will ensure that autistic people become functional people of society and live up to their full potential.


Fredrick Muiruri

I am competing for Mr. Autism Kenya.

My name is Fredrick Muiruri, 21 years old, a Civil Engineering student at The Kabete National Polytechnic

The love I have for socializing, helping and spending time with the challenged personnels moreso autistics is the reason am participating in the competition

I will work in every way possible towards creating awareness about autism and people living with it.

Some of the challenges I would want to tackle are; Communication skills between autistics and neotypicals, social anxiety from people living with autism,social understanding about autism among other challenges 

"Autism doesn't define a person, the ability to live with it does.

Andrew Mwangi

I am competing for Mr. Autism Kenya.

I believe Mr. Autism will give me a platform to be able to easily bring a change in the community for

those with autism more-so in achieving their dreams.

If I were crowned the winner, I would help in educating the public about autism and how to relate

with person(s) with autism

The major challenges I would tackle are getting financial need for those struggling with person(s)

with autism and ensure their loved ones get equal rights

It is important to educate the general public on how to aid those with autism by ensuring they get

proper care & love and proper treatment regardless of their religious or cultural background.


Merab Adisa

I am competing for Miss Autism Kenya.

I am Merab Adisa  twenty years old and a student.

I am competing for light Mr and Mrs Autism because I want to be voice of the unheard. I would use the platform to ensure a number of people living with autism are spotted, taken into account and given the necessary therapies.
I would raise awareness and ensure that the stereotypes and stigma against autistic people are done away with.

Being a victim of backlash, I know how the critiques get to someone. It ruins you mental well being and lowers self esteem. It is high time someone stands against the negativity.

Joyce Nyange

I am competing for Miss Autism Kenya.

My name is JOYCE NYANGE, 14 years old, a student, having just completed my KCPE exams.

I have a brother, my immediate follower who is autistic. I have therefore experienced first-hand how he struggles with doing simple life activities like buttoning his shirt, and how my parents are trying their best to help him out so that he becomes independent now and in future. This, amongst other reasons has pushed me to compete for the

Light Mr. and Miss Autism, so that I may get a chance to learn more about people living with disabilities and many other challenges that face young boys and girls out there.

I will do more research and strive to learn more about various conditions which affectchildren if crowned the winner in this competition. This will help me in  bringing awareness to people who do not have enough information on how to handle such conditions in children.

Special children living in remote areas do not get much help compared to those living in towns and this is a big challenge. I will take this as a personal initiative to reach families with such children and living in remote areas, and see how I can be able to help them get the services they need such as therapies, nutrition and learning programs..


Armylies Nyongesa

I am competing for Miss Autism Kenya.

I am a student from Kenyatta University Main Campus pursuing a bachelors degree in Economics and Statistics

I am competing for Light Miss Autism simply because I dont support discrimination and I believe everyone is equal and no one should be looked down upon or intimidated because everyone has equal power to stand out and speak his mind or her mind.

If crowned the winner of Light Miss Autism,I will create awareness to encourage people to be contented in who they are and to be confident in their conditions because being different is what makes you stand out and be unique therefore be proud of your condition and embrase it because everyone was born with a purpose.

Some of the challenges I would want to tackle are; Encourage everyone to accept their conditions the way they are. 

Encourage everyone to embrace their conditions and be proud of them.

Encourage everyone to have a purpose in life and pursue their dreams and goals because everyone was born a star.

I believe that you can be whoever you want to be as long as you work hard and believe in God and remember you never fail until you give up.


Maryanne Mwisa

I am competing for Miss Autism Kenya.

My name is My name is Maryanne Mwisa. I'm 23 years old. I'm currently a fourth year student pursing bachelor of Criminal Justice. 

I'm competing because I want to be a part of the autism representatives in Kenya and to foster for awareness and development.

What would I do if I'm crowned?
I will try to mobilize people to support autistic children through media channels, seeking interviews at various online platforms such as tuko talks, citizen etc. Secondly, I will try to network with various influential people in order to draw funds that will help autistic children in various therapies such as cognitive and speech therapy. Third, I will draw my own funds to help the financially challenged autistic children through providing them with fruits, buying healthy food for them because this directly contributes to their well being.

I want to shade more awareness on parents who hide their autistic children on the importance of taking the children for therapy.
Expenses the parents face such as nutrition, supplements and therapy.
In adequate human resource for taking care of them.

Lack of appropriate school placement of autistic children.


Ephraim Victor Miki

I am competing for Light of Autism Kenya.

My name is Ephraim Victor Miki.
I am 15 years old and I am a student at Kenya Community Center for Learning (KCCL) , in year 10. I am an Atypical participant.

My hobbies are swimming, dancing, cycling, singing and my favorite song is I Believe by Jonathan Nelson. I like and enjoy Geography and can give an outline of all the capital cities in the world. I dislike noise and disrespect.

I would like to be Mr. Autism because I want to create awareness, that we can be smart, bright and outspoken even if. That we are also more than just a diagnosis.

I want to tackle discrimination and inequality.  I desire a world that we are all equal

Leonard Omondi Odhiambo

I am competing for Light of Autism Kenya.

My name is Leonard Omondi Odhiambo.

I am 17 years old.

I am a Grade 9 student at Kenya Community Centre for Learning.

I am slightly autistic.

My hobbies are watching videos and playing games on my phone and tablet, watching cartoons on TV.

I like to spend time with my family, use my smartphone and laptop.

My dislikes are being in noisy places and around noisy people, if routined to do something, it’s difficult to change


In addition to this, I am very disciplined and humbled boy.


Timothy Ngugi Ireri

I am competing for Light of Autism Kenya.

1.Name: Timothy Ngugi Ireri
2. Age: 15
3. Occupation: Student at KCCL
4. Reason for competing : To showcase and promote the talents of differently enabled children.
5. If crowned Light Autism I will create awareness of the various problems faced by children living with autism
6.Condition : Autism ( Dyslexia)
7. Like and dislikes:  I like singing and caring for others. I do not like people who shout at me when I do something wrong
8. I want to learn to play the drums 

Victoria Wanjiru Chege

I am competing for Light of Autism Kenya.

My name is Victoria Wanjiru Chege. 

I am sixteen years old, a student at Kenya Community Centre for learning(KCCL) in class post 16. I am competing for Miss autism so that I can get a chance to win the crown. I would wish to get the crown so that I can help people and create awareness to people so that they can understand children with autism. I am a dyslexic child. My hobbies are watching reality families, modelling and practicing make up. I dislike  loud noise and like plaiting hair.

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Yvonne Anita

I am competing for Miss Autism Kenya.

I'm 18 years old.

A student in the Nairobi School of Aviation. I'm competing for miss Autism Kenya because I want to create awareness about Autism across  the country. If I was crowned Miss Autism,, i would ensure zero discrimination against against autistic people across the country and beyond. The challenges I would tackle as Miss Autism, is the challenge of Healthcare and education, which mostly affect autistic people.


Mary Stella Nankani

I am competing for Miss Autism Kenya.



 Why am competing
I love helping the disabled children and especially the autistic children.

To develop my skill in modelling.

 What I'll do if crowned winner
I'll do charity activities to help the autistic children feel better in their school environment and more in their therapy sessions.

Challenge to tackle: Support contribution towards therapy sessions.


Anzazi Chaka

I am competing for Miss Autism Kenya.


age: 22YRS

Why am competing: I would like to help my fellow disabled people like these with autism in all ways possible

What I'll do if crowned winner: I'll do charity activities to support the autistic children

Challenges to tackle: Raising of funds.

Thank you for the opportunity

Vivian Maloba

I am competing Miss Autism Kenya.

My name is Vivian Maloba.

I am 22 years old , currently pursuing a diploma in Journalism at the EAICS.I joined this pageant because with it comes numerous benefits like ;new experiences, service opportunities, networking and a platform to represent people and express myself.

Most pageants are platform oriented and given a chance to win this, my platform takes on a bigger life than before and together with the organization I will advocate for people living with Autism.

Some of the challenges I'd tackle are general and illegal illiteracy among citizens, negative attitude towards autistic people and discrimination.

Juliet Wambui

I am competing for Miss  Autism Kenya.


AGE: 21




I am contesting for light Mr and Miss Autism Kenya so that I can

champion for the end of stigma that is faced by individuals living with

Autism .If I am crowned miss Autism Kenya , I will collaborate with organizations that promote autism awareness and educate members of the society on the importance of embracing individuals living with autism.

This will result to the end of stigmatization and a society that appreciates the differences of individuals living with autism. Every great journey starts with a step , ending stigmatization is my step.


Evans Muthuri

I am competing for Mr.  Autism Kenya.

My name is Evans Muthuri,23 years old.

I’m a certified and a qualified clinical officer, now taking degree in pharmacy at Kenya Methodist University.

I’m hereby contesting for Light Mr. and miss Autism Kenya in order to help eradicate the negative public sensation towards those with the disorder.

If I we’re crowned as the winner I would give awareness to the public on what autism is and how to manage it.

Challenges that I would tackle includes neglection of children with the disorder and mishandling those affected by it.

I'm good and friendly in Public relations.


Peterson Banton

I am competing for Mr.  Autism Kenya.

Name: Peterson Gichure.


Occupation: model/model coach/entrepreneur.

Talents: story telling, football, entrepreneurship

Hobbies: Reading, watching documentaries,

Skills: leadership, entrepreneurship.


Height: 170cm (6.1ft).

Shoulders: 22.


Arm length 25.

Sleeve length: 28.

Waist: 31.

Thigh: 22.

Trouser length: 41.

Round ankle: 6.


Being a model who is determined and well focused in bringing change, it gives me the

motivation and the streng to compete to being the king of autism where I want to share the

given crown and ensure my title is well governed and worked to towards changing the autism



If crowned the winner, I will ensure to change the mentality of people living with autism to show

them they are like any other normal human being,to fight for them to have equal job rights,to be

accepted in the society and be accepted as they are. Having to work with all the governmental

and non-governmental organisation I will work to my level best to accomplish all set as the tittle



1. Lack of equal rights for people living with autism.

2. Lack of job opportunities for the autism society.

3. Absence of awareness for people living with autism.

4. Education for people taking care of people living with


Griffins Makamu

I am competing for Mr.  Autism Kenya.

I'm Griffins Makamu, 22 years of age.
Currently a Fourth year student in Kenya Methodist university taking a bachelor's degree in education.
I'm contesting for Mr. autism Kenya to get the proper network and access to learning centers for the autistic.
Hopefully, if I get crowned I'll do a list of institutions with autistic children in Kenya and organize for visits in partnership with ready aiders foundation.
My first advocacy will be on accepting those with the condition in the society and sensitizing the society, through media, on how to handle such cases.


Martha Wanjiru Chege

I am competing for Miss Autism Kenya.

Name: Martha Wanjiru Chege

Age    : 25yrs
Job    : Mentorship

  I believe I can bring change in the community hence I'm humbled to advocate for people with autism.

  Create more awareness about autism and join hands with other autistics organizations in signing petitions that will benefit and bring change for people with autism.
   I'll research and create awareness through autistics events and social media educating people about autism. I'll also engage in charity courses to raise funds to facilitate buying therapeutic resources.
I'm grateful for the opportunity.

Beckett Brevyn

I am competing for Light of  Autism Kenya.

Name- Beckett Brevyn
Non verbal
Likes singing rythms
Dislikes Noise environment
He has very low concentrations, very hyperactive,


Vincent Muhoro Kamau

I am competing for Light of  Autism Kenya.

Name : Vincent Muhoro Kamau

Age:14 years
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Football, other games
He likes taking a leadership role when with peers. 
He does not like venturing into new environments or groups.
He loves being with family and travelling out together.

Sammy Kiarie Kanyangi

I am competing for Light of  Autism Kenya.

Name: Samuel Kiarie Kanyagi
Age: 15 years old.
With names above am a student at Kenya Community Centre for Learning (KCCL).
Am competing for the light of Mr. and Miss Autism to actualize my potential.
If I would be crowned a winner, I would motivate other learners like me to exploit their talents. In addition, I would take the chance to create awareness to the community about various gifts that  autistic children have.
One of the challenges I would wish to tackle is the perspective towards persons with disabilities and our equal presentation and opportunities.



I am competing for Light of Autism Kenya.

Michelle is 5yrs old, diagnosed with Autism while she was 3.6yrs old. She goes to Holmeside School in Karen, and loves being in company of her teachers and friends.
Favorite Colour: Red
Favorite meal: Rice and Beans.
Favorite Fruit: Melon

1. Swimming
2. Travelling
3. Watching specific cartoons
4. Snacking
5. School activities

1. Noise
2. Too much light
3. Big animals e.g dogs

Current Challenges;
1. Non Verbal
2. Quickly irritated


Sunday Akula

MODEL: Sunday Akula

Name- Sunday Akula
17 years
Semi Verbal
Likes swimming but yet to be trained
He is calm and willing to learn

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