Greetings from The Millennial Environmentalists. This is an invitation for you to be part of a fundraising and restoration project dubbed "The Hummingbird Awards". As we all know, more individuals have become aware of the devastating effects of climate change and are actively taking mitigative measures to combat the same. However, their stories are not shared widely to help them network and influence more people to join the course. The Hummingbird institution Awards by T.M.E recognizes these individuals and institutions by providing a platform for them to create partnerships and make their work known to the world. The aim is to award environmentalists from all over the country with seedlings, seed balls and any other necessary support to enable them continue with the good work. The awards are open to individuals, schools, churches and organizations.
May 3, 2023 17:05 to May 21, 2023 00:05
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Jiko Kenya

Jiko Kenya–fuel-efficient cook stove featuring an innovative in-built jacket that can be filled with 3 liters of water that enables the user to simultaneously boil water thus sanitizing it whilst cooking enabling households to have safe drinking water free of disease-causing micro-organisms. The stove through pilot studies was able to save a household USD 17.85 monthly with fuel reduction from USD 23.81 to only USD 5.96 monthly which translates to a 75% reduction in fuel costs and zero cost in water sanitization which has contributed to the reduction of water-borne diseases.


Magdalene Khaemba

We focus on waste management; by using innovation in making beautiful items/Artefacts for financial sustainability. we plant trees in school and communities to help curb effects of climate change. We carry out community cleanups within our community, to clear drainage systems, cleaning marketplaces and Rivers, for conservation purposes. We carry out sensitization programs both in communities and Schools to create awareness on Matters climate change and conservation. The Director of the organization; Talk to save youth is a committee member in Kaptembwa ward climate change planning committee, she is the chairlady for the committee.


Jeff Rono

We focused on training youth to collect plastics which are dumped on regionals towns , rehabilitation of lands that are jeopardise by the havoc of floods and droughts by planting trees and soil conservation hence climate change will be save , stable for livable future.


Refugee Coalition for Climate Action

I am leading Refugee Coalition for Climate Action, a youth-led moment that facilitates a Child-Youth participation approach to Climate and environmental action at Tongogara Refugee Camp and the host community in Chipinge District of Zimbabwe. Chipinge district South-eastern, Zimbabwe faces climate-induced disasters like Cyclones, droughts, and strong heat waves. RCCA acknowledges the threat of climate change and environmental degradation in its local operational context and based on our communities’ vulnerability to anthropogenic climate change, RCCA seeks to: • Positively impact the natural environment in the refugee and the host community through physical environment protection and restoration. • Foster positive engagement between displaced people and their host communities to build knowledge that paves climate and environmental resilience. • Expedite Fruit tree-based system to ensure food security and nutrition for the refugee and the host community



Being a climatic restoration youth leader I tried to create awareness among people. In last few year's my organization MAHASANGRAM conducted many projects. One of them is tree plantations. In covid situations everyone is at home. So we conducted online tree plantation and we had a massive success in it. We almost planted 2000 trees within a day. Similarly we conducted "celebrating organic farming " within 4/5 countries virtually only. We discussed many things like hybrid farming, organic benefits, Globalization and all. We got a massive success in it also. Countries like SRI LANKA, NIGERIA, SIERA LEONE, INDIA had a great response. Also tried to publish review in Universal journal. Also doing research in various field. Have many pledges and quizzes certificates.


Mukothima Green Farm

To fight with climate change by planting 5000000 seedlings



L'observation courante de notre environnement écologique et les éléments qui le constituent ( ressources naturelles, air, terre, verdure ) nous invite impérativement à réfléchir sur son avenir et surtout sur le capital naturel que nous leguerons aux générations futures des ressources hydraulique surexploitees, l'avancée du désert, des océans et de mers polluées, la chaine alimentaire imprégnée des produits toxiques les ressources minière et énergique maladroitement utilisés, de la faune et flore en voie d'extension. Malheureusement le souvenir d'une terre agréable à vivre qui serra décrite par nos scientifiques de demain et constituera l'unique richesse de nos générations futures.


Ronald keter

Designing and implementing appropriate strategies and program activities addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation Promoting environmentally sustainable, modern and highly productive agricultural activities (agro-forestry, backyard development, apiculture), ecofriendly businesses (like ecotourism) and better product marketing schemes Undertaking natural resource conservation activities (re-afforestation, area closure and woodlot) and introducing appropriate technologies for generating household energy sources


Miti Pesa

We are majorly concerned in creating geospatial forest by offering incentives to individuals to plant trees and conserve forest ecosystem by trading carbon credits through our platform and using technology in management



The SLoKW is a captivating photographic series that documents my travels to the heart of Kenya, which is the food basket of the nation. The collection of photos aims to tell the stories of the unsung heroes of our society, the hardworking farmers who tirelessly toil to ensure that the food supply is maintained. Against the backdrop of one of the most severe droughts to hit the country in decades, the images also serve to draw attention to the impacts of climate change on this region. By showcasing the resilience of these farmers in the face of adversity, the SLoKW seeks to spotlight the critical role they play in our economy and society. Through these powerful photographs, we are given a glimpse into the everyday struggles and triumphs of those who keep our nation fed, and are reminded of the urgent need to address the challenges posed by climate change in this part of the world.


Hope Farm

Hope Farm is a farm located in Isiolo county

We majorly carry out organic farming that's production of watermelons ,onions and indigenous vegetables and tree seedlings.We do train youths and women groups on Sustainable farming for free most being pastrolists so that embrace farming.We also do tree planting initiatives in schools,children's home and in the community.

Be The Engineer

Be The Engineer is an organization that champions for inclusion, equity and diversity in STEM. We encourage more young girls, women take up STEM subjects and careers respectively. We also advocate for and introduce STEM to children at an early age through coding , robotics and other STEM related activities. We also encourage environmental conservation by teaching and encouraging sustainable conservation and use of the available resources. 


Boresha Life Empowerment Kenya

BioClimate Restoration Empowerment Initiative is a initiative being implemented by Boresha Life Empowerment Kenya in Bomet County, Kenya.

The initiative is centred on Climate Change Education integrated with tree planting in schools

Global Climate Change and Health Association of Kenya

Global Climate Change and Health Association of Kenya {GCCHAoK} is a non-profit organization created to team up with organizations with sidelining mission, vision and objectives to create awareness and reduce risks imposed by climate change under several perspectives of life as the serious human threat to human life now is the unbearable climate change thus we adventure to reverse these rampant effects to human life.


In our adventures we enhance and do several professional capacities towards the achievement of our mission and vision that widely includes ;Promote the sharing of information and experiences among members through appropriate training and workshop projects and other forum, information exchange, study tours and visits
To raise awareness on climate change and its effects on agricultural productivity.
Put in place structures and mechanisms for collaboration and co-operation with the government, research institutes, civil society and international funding partners.
The association shall form branches at county, regional and national levels.Engage in national and international activities events, conferences & workshops relating to forests and other natural resources. Build local capacity to autonomously conduct the interactive cycle of planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and re-planning at county, regional & national levels
Provide access to information, of action plans, Programmes project, and services and develop criteria to undertake a review of progress by any of the community members & stakeholders interested in obtaining an independent opinion on organizations quality work. These include government, relevant institutions, funding agencies, development partners, think tanks, and other groups with an interest in any project.
Provide seminars course in diversified, area development including community awareness and create a core group of mentors, expertise and workers sensitised to approaches to participatory and integrated development initiatives in farm forestry, agriculture, environmental conservation, food security, health and income generation.
Partner, collaborate, associate and network with Community Based Organizations (CBOs) Government agencies, local and international NGOs, Research institutes and international development funding agencies to improve live hoods.
To consult Government and come up on the need to set up Government supported Counselling centers to help address mental health issues arising from climate change effects.
To come up with ways of trapping clean water and storage which can help prevention of water borne diseases during floods/ drought
To come up with ways of utilizing kitchen gardens wisely and enhance continuity of food supply to minimize starvation and premature deaths arising from climate change effects. To conduct training and research on approaches to climate change.

To be a leading organization fighting climate change in Kenya and global levels
To engage climate change solutions such as tree planting awareness creation ,capacity building and collaboration with stakeholders to reduce carbon and related health risk

Integrity and Honesty: We always do what is right, fair, and ethical.
Teamwork, we value the input of each member of our association
Quality satisfaction: We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers ,understanding and responding appropriately to their needs.
Accountability: We are responsible for our actions and understand their impact on others
Fairness :In dealing with our customers, service providers and colleagues
Communication: We share appropriate information in an honest and open manner.
Quality: We strive for professional excellence to the highest standards possible and maintains consistency.
Attitude: We are positive, enthusiastic and highly spirited.


Living Bamboo Africa

Living Bamboo Africa work centers around bamboo, a plant that contributes to soil improvement, conservation, bio-energy, clean air, and social-economic benefits for people. We have created 200 jobs for women and youth and provided a sustainable livelihood while restoring land and mitigating climate change. Living Bamboo produces and plants bamboo seedlings. Currently, they have planted on 200 ha,and have 34 bamboo contract farmers (30 ha). The company produces bamboo products, including bamboo briquettes, biochar, toothpicks, table mats, menu covers, furniture crafts/souvenirs and construction poles.


Ndalo Heritage Trust (NHT)

Ndalo Heritage Trust (NHT) is a youth-led Non-Profit Organization registered in Kenya. The organization was started in response to the need to promote nutrition, food security, good health and well-being during the first 1000 days of life in marginalized communities. Our mission is to partner with communities, local and international stakeholders in undertaking nutrition sensitive and specific activities for alleviation of hunger, poverty and human suffering. It is on the back of this mission that we seek to plant 1million trees (including fruit trees) by Dec 2024 as part of our Green Legacy Initiative and partnerships for the goals (SDG 17). The trees will help combat the adverse effects of climate change on food security and livelihoods. These trees will be planted in mapped areas such as schools and degraded community lands in rural Western Kenya (Kisumu, Homa Bay, Busia) and Rift Valley (Nakuru and Kericho) counties.

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